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Mini Events

Special mini events occur regularly in Disney Magic Kingdoms.

Mini Events

Tapper Mini Events

Tapper events require you to tap on small items that pop up throughout your kingdom. These items usually appear 8-10 at a time with 2-4 hr respawn times. You will have to manually search your kingdom to spot these tappers.

Striking Gold Mini Events

During these events, certain character activity and attractions will drop Gold Trophies in addition to their usual Magic/Event Currency/Tokens. Your prizes are based on how many Gold Trophies you collect. Newer players typically struggle more with these events since how many Gold Trophies you can collect is directly related to how many characters/attractions you have unlocked.

Recently, Gameloft has greatly changed which characters and attractions drop Gold Trophies. When a new Striking Gold Mini Event occurs and we have a newly updated list of Gold Trophies droppers, it will be added here.

Wish Granter Mini Events

Your goal during these events is to grant as many Wishes (M-wish-content) as possible. Happiness / Wishes earned from Enchanted Chests does NOT count towards this event. A strategy that some players use to excel in these events is to stockpile their Wishes ahead of time if they suspect a Wish Granter Mini Event is coming. You will not generate any more Wishes until you click on at least one of the happy faces (M-wish-content) .

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