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Jungle Book Part 2 Update

The cast of The Jungle Book keeps the main storyline swinging in the latest update

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Jungle Book Part 2 Update

The cast of The Jungle Book keeps the main storyline swinging! New Baloo and King Louie join Mowgli and Bagheera, but beware... that fearsome tiger Shere Khan is on the prowl too.

Bring the jungle to your Kingdom with all new attractions including Baloo's Oasis, and Kaa's Jungle Gym! Delight visitors with The Jungle Book parade float, and new decorations like the Panther Statue!

New Content

New Characters

New Attractions

New Concessions

New Decorations

New Parade Float

New Land Expansions

  • 1 new plot of land

New Landmark Attraction


First-Time User Experience Updates

  • Minor adjustments have been made to the tutorial quest-flow to create a smoother experience.
    • The "A Handy Man" quest is now easier to complete.
    • Woody is now easier to Welcome.

Displaying Item Rarity in Possible Rewards

  • The rarity of items in chests (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum) is now displayed in the possible rewards section. Items are categorized and colored based on rarity.

Token Collection Pop-In (Right Side)

  • When collecting from the Kingdom, the token pop-in (right side) will only slide onto the screen when the player has completed collecting all of that specific type of token within the Kingdom.
  • The "Ready!" message will only appear when the whole character recipe is complete.

Rate Game Pop Up (iOS)

  • Updated the Apple rate game prompt to comply with Apple’s updates in iOS11.

Enchanted Chest Repurchase

  • A new flow has been added when buying enchanted chests that will allow another chest to be purchased right afterwards.

Enchanted Chests - Adjustments as per Chinese Law

  • A new law has been introduced in China, prohibiting the direct sale of gacha items. In order to abide by this new law, Enchanted Chests are no longer available for direct purchase in China.

Game Balances and Changes

Attractions M-check

Character Activities & Tokens M-check

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