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Villain Tower Takeover Event Update

Halloween has taken over the Kingdom in the latest update
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Villain Tower Takeover Event Update

Halloween has taken over the Kingdom! Prepare for a spooky event full of scares featuring the cast from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas!

The villains have a sinister plan that begins on October 18, bringing an extra challenge to defeating Maleficent's tower! Unlock characters to defeat Maleficent this Halloween!

New Content

New Quests

New Characters

New Attractions

New Concessions

Event and Storyline

Tower Challenge
Maleficent is back, and she's assembled a team of villains to help her with her sinister plans in our latest Tower Challenge starting October 18th!

Features & Improvements

New Event Quest Icon
A new icon is now available making it easier to identify Event Quests from Kingdom Quests, and Side Quests.

Enchanted Chest Token Drops
You will now be able to continue collecting tokens from chests even if the character is ready to level up; when you have enough tokens to level up a character to max level, those tokens will no longer be available.

Game Balances and Changes

Attractions M-check

Character Activities & Tokens M-check

Character Level Ups M-check

Parade Floats M-check

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