Changing Course is where the Pirates of the Caribbean Storyline (Act 3) begins....

Character Dialogue
C-will turner-main Elizabeth and I have explored more and more land... and the Curse DOES seem to be getting weaker...
C-will turner-main ...but I hardly think it's because of anything WE'VE done. And, besides, we still haven't found Jack's ship!
C-will turner-main The two of us are planning to meet at the tavern today... hopefully, she'll have thought of some better strategy than I have.

Changing Course

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-will turner-main
Level 6
Send Will and Elizabeth to strategize at the Tavern. *
"Strategize at the Tavern"
8h Xp30, M-magic250
C-elizabeth swann-main
Level 6

* Requires Tortuga Tavern

Character Dialogue
C-will turner-main ... Calypso?! You can't be serious, Elizabeth! The last time we crossed paths with her, she nearly killed us both!
C-elizabeth swann-main Desperate times call for desperate measures, Will... And I think I've found a way to deal with her safely.
C-will turner-main And if anyone can find a lost ship, she can... Very well, Elizabeth... If you're sure this is a good idea, then I trust you.
C-will turner-main For my part... well, talking about Calypso has given me an idea of my own.
C-will turner-main Though I admit, it's hardly a less-dangerous one...


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