Character Dialogue
C-woody-main "You see, Baron von Bratwurst's Cacophonic Curse is woven from the music of the PAST! The lute! The viol! The crumhorn!"
C-jessie-main (The "crumhorn"?! Land sakes, Woody -- if that's a REAL musical instrument, I'll eat my hat!)
C-woody-main (Shh! I looked it up online!) "AHEM... Thus, we must COUNTER his Curse with the new and vibrant music of this newfound land!"
C-woody-main "Find your Master Lightyear, Lady Jessie, and I will find my shepherdess. Tonight, we shall dance the 'Texas Two-Step'!"

Changing the Tune

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 7
Send "Sir Woody" and Bo Peep to dance together.
"Dance and Sing!"
4h M-xp25, M-magic200
C-bo peep-main
Level 7
Level 8
Send "Lady Jessie" and Buzz to dance together.
"Dance Away the Noise"
C-buzz lightyear-main
Level 5
Character Dialogue
C-woody-main "You are right, Lady Jessie! Why, the magic in his new land's music... It's almost... overpowering! I almost feel driven to... to..."
C-jessie-main "... YEEEEEE-HAWWWW!"
C-jessie-main "Yodel-ay-hee-YEAH!!! That toe-tappin', country-'n'-western hootenanny up and turned us back into cowpokes again!"
C-woody-main (... And THAT'S how you turn a Fantasy story into a Western!)


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