Character Dialogue
C-moana-moana ... When I saw that Kakamora, I remembered one of Gramma's tapestries right away: the one with Maui flipping their boats over!
C-moana-moana So I thought, if Maui is the only one strong enough to wreck their ships, and I'm the only one who knows how to get to him...
C-chief tui-moana So THAT'S what that sea chart was for! A route to Maui that only you knew...
C-moana-moana Yeah! I thought I could warn him before the Kakamora fleet got to you guys... but I just ended up blow-darted and canoe-less.
C-chief tui-moana Hmm... Well, your mother and I have been dealing with the Kakamora as best we can, from here... so at least we can keep THAT up.


Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-kakamora Stop the Kakamora. *
30m M-xp5, Update-29-m-currency50

* Requires Conflict De-escalation quest (30 T-moana-2) to be completed

Character Dialogue
C-sina-moana Knock knock... Hello, minnow! Your dad said you'd almost gotten all your strength back... Is this a good time?
C-moana-moana Mom! Yeah, it is. Lucky me, but whatever's in those blowdarts doesn't last that long. What's up?
C-sina-moana Well... you mentioned that one of Gramma's tapestries gave you your idea about how to deal with the Kakamora, right?
C-sina-moana Because if that's the case... then there's something I think you should see.
C-moana-moana Hm? Okay... What is it?


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