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Character Dialogue
C-ariel What a wonderful place...! I've never seen a Kingdom like this before... There's so much for me to add to my collection!
C-ariel Oh -- I started a new collection of human things. Now that my father understands me better, I thought it was a good idea!
C-ariel Besides, collecting human stuff is a lot easier now that I'm a human myself!

Collection: Complete!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Ariel to look for human things to collect.
"Look for Human Things"
2h Xp5, Template:Trident Sand Shells50
Character Dialogue
C-ariel Hmm... I wonder what that was all about?
C-ariel I just spotted this wonderful old dinglehopper holder -- you know, like the one I had in my grotto...
C-ariel But when I tried to pick it up, it... well, it hopped away!
C-ariel Are human dinglehopper holders supposed to do that...? I should ask Eric.
C-ariel It was on fire, too... But I've never really understood how that works.


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