Character Dialogue
C-maleficent Hmph! Hardly a setback at all... THAT spell was merely a taste of what's to come.
C-merlin Ha Ha! Good show -- good show! The forces of evil may be on the rise, but they're no match for us!
Character Dialogue
C-elastigirl-ttc Ever since Jack-Jack got powers (and ever since I FOUND OUT Jack-Jack got powers), playtime's been... a little more interesting.
C-elastigirl-ttc Still -- nothing makes that boy happier than a game of hide-and-seek! I guess there's no improving on the classics.
C-elastigirl-ttc ... Aside from one of us being elastic, anyway.
C-elastigirl-ttc It's a little easier to "seek" when you can get your head all the way behind the couch!

Come to Mama!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Elastigirl to play hide-and-seek.
"Play Hide-and-Seek"
2h T-refresh1, Update-20-m-currency125
Character Dialogue
C-elastigirl-ttc Yoo-hoo! Jack-Jack! Mama's coming to getcha!
C-elastigirl-ttc Hmm... He's actually harder to find than usual, today.
C-elastigirl-ttc Either he's entered a new developmental stage, or he's zapped himself into another dimension again...
C-elastigirl-ttc I'm going to hope it's the first one.


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