Character Dialogue
C-mike wazowski-side If there's one thing I know, it's how to get a laugh. I might have to poke myself in the eye, but everybody laughs.
C-mike wazowski-side So, I guarantee this comedy show is gonna be a blockbuster!

Comedy King, Pt. 1

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-mike wazowski-side
Level 2
Send Mike to put on a comedy show.[1]
"Perform Stand-Up"
6h Xp15, M-magic100
  1. Requires Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor
Character Dialogue
C-mike wazowski-side Wow! The audience was so in awe of my talent that they were too in shock to laugh.
C-mike wazowski-side I hope somebody from the paper was there to witness me in the BEST COMEDY SHOW EVER!
C-mike wazowski-side My mom loves seeing my name in the paper!
Character Dialogue
C-mike wazowski-side The reviews for "Wazowski's Impromptu Comedy Hour" --
C-mike wazowski-side -- that's what I plan on naming the show for its inevitable syndication -- hit the stands today!
C-mike wazowski-side Time to read 'em and brag to everyone I know!

Comedy King, Pt. 2

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-mike wazowski-side
Level 2
Send Mike to read the reviews.
"Read Reviews"
60s Xp25, M-magic150
Character Dialogue
C-mike wazowski-side Not funny? NOT FUNNY?! What know-nothing, humorless cretin wrote this review?!
C-celia mae-side Oh, Googly Bear. Are you free tonight? I have tickets to--
C-mike wazowski-side Sorry, I can't make it, Celia. I gotta find this reporter and tell him jokes until he laughs so hard he begs for mercy!
C-mike wazowski-side When he's pleading with me to stop because he can't breathe, that'll be even funnier!
Character Dialogue
C-celia mae-side Michael, you need to forget all about that terrible review. Let's go out for dinner and--
C-mike wazowski-side Good idea! Everybody from the paper hangs out at Cyclops Sushi, including the two-bit hack who wrote this thing.
C-mike wazowski-side I'm gonna give him a piece of my mind and a one-eyed glare he'll never forget.
C-celia mae-side How... romantic?

Comedy King, Pt. 3

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-mike wazowski-side
Level 3
Send Mike to stalk reviewer at Cyclops Sushi.[1]
"Dinner Date with Celia Mae"
4h Xp35, M-magic200
C-celia mae-side
Level 2
  1. Requires Cyclops Sushi
Character Dialogue
C-celia mae-side Michael Wazowski, I've never been so humiliated in my life.
C-mike wazowski-side You're right, Celia. I guess throwing the seaweed salad at that reporter's car was a bit much.
C-celia mae-side I don't know what's wrong with you, but you better figure it out or we're through!
C-mike wazowski-side On a scale of one to furious, how mad do you think she is?
Character Dialogue
C-mike wazowski-side Sulley -- since that review came out, my confidence is shot. What should I do?
C-sulley-side Well buddy, my first suggestion would be to stop reading reviews.
C-mike wazowski-side You're asking me to NOT read an article written about me?
C-sulley-side You're right. That's never gonna happen.

Comedy King, Pt. 4

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-mike wazowski-side
Level 5
Send Mike to ask Sulley for advice.
"Rehearse Show"
6h Xp25, M-magic125
Level 4
Character Dialogue
C-mike wazowski-side Wow, Sulley, that was just what I needed.
C-sulley-side Yep, a little comedy boot camp gets you loosened up and pumped for joke telling.
C-mike wazowski-side Yeah, but next time can we skip the push-ups?
C-mike wazowski-side My arms are so short, all I do is bump my eye on the floor.
Character Dialogue
C-sulley-side All right, Mikey. This is it. You can do it, buddy. Get out there and make 'em laugh!
C-mike wazowski-side No pressure. No pressure. No pressure.

Comedy King, Pt. 5

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-mike wazowski-side
Level ?
Send Mike to prove his comedy chops.[1]
"Prove Comedy Chops"
24h Xp30, M-magic150
  1. Requires Cyclops Sushi
Character Dialogue
C-celia mae-side Oh Michael, that was wonderful! I haven't laughed that hard since Sulley accidentally blow-dried his fur.
C-celia mae-side Here, I brought you a newspaper if you want to take a look at the reviews.
C-mike wazowski-side Nah, it doesn't matter what they say. Yours is the only review that matters.
C-mike wazowski-side Wait, when did Sulley blow-dry his fur? That I gotta see!


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