The Comfy Belle Fabric Token is used to create the Belle (Comfy) costume.

How to obtain

I'm Gonna Wreck It! Event 2018
Character Activity + Time Rewards
C-fix-it felix jr-side
Level 1
Checking the New Connection
* The Internet
2h Xp10, Update-25-m-currency17
Level 1
M-animation Relaxing
* Cinderella (Comfy) & Princess Dressing Room
4h Xp13, Update-25-m-currency30
Level 4
M-animation Trending M-c-ralph
Lvl 4
4h Xp17, Update-25-m-currency63
Other Source Time Rewards
C-kingdom-wir Princess Dressing Room: Having a Royal Rest 8h Xp22, Update-25-m-currency45


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