Character Dialogue
Lilo I thought that, if you weren't here, I should try and free Stitch myself... and he's KIND of trapped in a tin can, so--
Nani Ohhh... I get it. I don't think you could get him out with just a can opener, though. You'd need something REALLY heavy-duty.
Lilo Oh! Okay!
Nani Wait -- Lilo! Where are you going--? *sigh* ...

Commercial Grade

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Kingdom Build the 'Ohana Restaurant. * 12h Experience5, Template:Galactic Coins50

* Requires Lilo Level 2

Character Dialogue
Lilo Okay! Is THIS heavy-duty enough?
Nani THERE you are, Li-- Wait. … Is that a blowtorch?!
Lilo Maybe? I think that restaurant uses it for those fire poi shows they do.
Lilo There wasn't anyone at the front desk -- so I thought they wouldn't mind if I borrowed it!
Nani I... uh... Its a good thought, Lilo, but you should probably stay away from those until... well, forever, hopefully.
Lilo Aww... I GUESS that makes sense.


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