Character Dialogue
C-trusty My leg's just about healed up after that unfortunate business with the Dogcatcher's wagon...
C-trusty Not that I mind havin' involved myself, you understand. Protectin' an innocent dog falsely accused is just part of my job!
C-trusty And I do admit, the recuperation process has been more pleasant than expected...
C-trusty For one thing, it got me into the habit of visitin' Miss Lady's homestead more often. As I was just about to do today!

Company's Calling!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 3
Send Trusty to pay a visit to Lady and Tramp's Home. *
"Visit Lady and Tramp's Home"
6h Xp5, M-magic50

* Requires Lady and Tramp's Home

Character Dialogue
C-trusty Well, wasn't that nice? Gotta be thankful for neighborly hospitality, as I always say.
C-trusty Of course, MY human treats me powerfully well -- and I'll hear no dog say otherwise...
C-trusty But those premium dog biscuits Jim Dear and Darling break out for company? Well, I've developed somethin' of a taste for 'em!
C-trusty Good nutrition's a very important part of the recuperatin' process, you understand.


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