Character Dialogue
C-chief tui-moana If there's any good news from my "encounter" with the Kakamora... it's that they didn't leave their ship to attack me directly.
C-chief tui-moana I think, so long as one of us is there to keep them distracted, they'll stay that way -- or that's my hope.
C-sina-moana Let's divide up the work, then! I'll focus on finding the rest of the tapestries...
C-chief tui-moana ... And I'll keep them away from shore! It's a good plan. Worse comes to worst, they'll run out of weapons to throw eventually...

Conflict De-escalation

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-kakamora spear token Collect Kakamora Spears.
72h * M-xp5, Update-29-m-currency50

* 34h with Tamatoa's Lair

Character Dialogue
C-chief tui-moana *huff* ... *puff* ... Well... the Kakamora have gone from throwing spears at me to throwing dirty looks, so... I'll count it as a victory.
C-chief tui-moana And in related news... I'm almost certain I've thrown out my back dodging them all.
C-chief tui-moana I'd been meaning to see the village herbalist, anyway... She's very good!


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