Character Dialogue
C-baloo-main Now, listen, Baggy -- how're you gonna help Mowgli if you're all stiffened up like that?
C-baloo-main Take it from a guy who knows. If you're gonna go up against a tiger, you gotta be loose! Limber! Y'know -- learn how to WEAVE!
C-bagheera-main ... Hm, I suppose I HAVE been rather tense, lately. Perhaps a little respite might do me--
C-baloo-main ... THAT'S the spirit! You just stick with your pal Baloo, old buddy -- I'll show you how it's done!

Cool It, Cat!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Baloo and Bagheera to loosen up a bit.
"Loosen Up"
2h M-xp25, M-magic200
Level 2
Character Dialogue
C-bagheera-main Yeah! *Forget about your worries and your--!* ... Wait. Hang on a moment...
C-bagheera-main I don't need to loosen up to face Shere Khan... I just finished distracting him so that Mowgli could escape!
C-bagheera-main You lazy, IRRESPONSIBLE-- You were just looking for an excuse to loaf around, weren't you?!
C-baloo-main Heh -- ya got me! Can't blame a bear for tryin', though, can you?
C-baloo-main Now, quit worryin' so much, will ya? I bet Mowgli's back home already!


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