Costume Shop is an attraction released with the Halloween Event Update on 12th October 2016. It is unlocked during the Fabric Searching quest.


You can now collect Fabrics from various character activities, as well as all Enchanted Chests, to craft spiffy new costumes for various characters.

With costumes, your characters can perform new activities and show off some amazing animations.


Costume Requirements Cost Time
Bo Peep (Toy Story 4) T-bo peep-315 T-f-purple button30 T-f-blue scallop30 M-magic50,000 60m
Daisy Duck (Halloween) T-daisy duck-220 T-f-purple12 T-f-green dot10 M-magic20,000 60m
Donald Duck (Pirate) M-gem120 Instant
Donald Duck (Halloween) T-donald duck-225 T-f-white blue pattern15 T-f-orange pattern15 M-magic75,000 60m
Jack Sparrow (Captain's Coat) T-jack sparrow-240 T-jack sparrow-340 T-f-pirate40 M-magic50,000 60m
Mickey Mouse (Pirate) M-magic50 30s
Mickey Mouse (Classic) T-f-classic8 T-mickey mouse-215 T-mickey mouse-315 M-magic1,928 60m
Mickey Mouse (Sorcerer) T-f-red star65 T-f-blue moon30 T-f-rope material15 M-magic1,940 60m
Mickey Mouse (Tuxedo) M-gem120 Instant
Minnie Mouse (Halloween) T-minnie mouse-225 T-f-purple15 T-f-red striped15 M-magic50,000 60m
Minnie Mouse (Classic) T-f-classic20 T-f-buttoned classic15 T-minnie mouse-225 M-magic100,00 60m
Minnie Mouse (Pirate) T-minnie mouse-250 T-minnie mouse-350 T-f-pirate20 M-magic50,000 60m
Pete (Classic) T-f-classic20 T-f-buttoned classic15 T-pete-315 M-magic150,000 60m


Costume Requirements Cost Time
Aladdin (Prince Ali) T-aladdin-210 T-aladdin-310 T-f-purple diamond7 Update-13-m-currency10,000 60m
Anna (Holiday) M-gem120 Instant
Anna (Travel Costume) T-ip-frozen10 T-anna-26 T-f-travel anna10 Update-7-m-currency500 60m
Ariel (Comfy) T-ip-wreck-it ralph15 T-f-glitched15 T-f-comfy ariel10 Update-25-m-currency15,000 60m
Ariel (Mermaid) T-ariel-47 T-ariel-57 T-f-fish scale5 Update-23-m-currency6,500 60m
Baymax (Baymax Armor) T-baymax-44 T-baymax-54 T-shoulder pad2 Update-21-m-currency5,000 60m
Beast (Formal Suit) T-beast-212 T-beast-310 T-f-gold floral8 Update-9-m-currency10,000 60m
Belle (Comfy) T-ip-wreck-it ralph15 T-f-glitched20 T-f-comfy belle 10 Update-25-m-currency10,000 60m
Belle (Formal Dress) T-ip-beauty and the beast6 T-belle-28 T-f-gold floral3 Update-9-m-currency3,000 60m
Chip (Lunar) M-gem60 Instant
Cinderella (Comfy) T-ip-wreck-it ralph10 T-f-glitched10 T-f-comfy cinderella10 Update-25-m-currency1,500 60m
Dale (Lunar) M-gem60 Instant
Elastigirl (Elastigirl) FREE (Legendary Chest) Instant
Elsa (Holiday) M-gem120 Instant
Elsa (Travel Costume) T-ip-frozen10 T-elsa-210 T-f-travel elsa15 M-magic11,000 6h
Elsa (Snow Queen Costume) FREE (Legendary Chest) Instant
Goofy (Easter) M-gem60 Instant
Goofy (Halloween) T-goofy-220 T-f-blue15 T-f-green dot10 Update-5-m-currency6,500 60m
Goofy (Pirate) M-gem120 Instant
Jasmine (Comfy) T-ip-wreck-it ralph10 T-f-glitched20 T-f-comfy jasmine20 Update-25-m-currency5,000 60m
Jasmine (Purple Dress) T-ip-aladdin6 T-jasmine-26 T-f-purple diamond3 Update-13-m-currency3,000 60m
Mickey Mouse (Easter) M-gem60 Instant
Mickey Mouse (Halloween) T-mickey mouse-21 T-f-blue1 Update-15-m-currency50 60m
Mickey Mouse (Holiday) M-gem60 Instant
Mickey Mouse (Lunar) T-mickey mouse-26 T-f-silver floral3 T-f-blue2 Update-8-m-currency800 60m
Minnie Mouse (Easter) M-gem60 Instant
Minnie Mouse (Holiday) M-gem60 Instant
Minnie Mouse (Lunar) T-minnie mouse-225 T-f-silver floral15 T-f-blue10 Update-8-m-currency6,000 60m
Moana (Comfy) T-moana-520 T-f-glitched20 T-f-comfy moana20 Update-29-m-currency14,000 60m
Mulan (Comfy) T-mulan-28 T-f-glitched8 T-f-comfy mulan6 M-magic5,000 60m
Mulan (Warrior) T-mulan-212 T-mulan-312 T-f-warrior mulan12 M-magic5,000 60m
Olaf (Holiday) M-gem120 Instant
Pluto (Easter) M-gem60 Instant
Pluto (Lunar) M-gem60 Instant
Rapunzel (Comfy) T-rapunzel-25 T-f-glitched15 T-f-comfy rapunzel10 M-magic5,000 60m
Snow White (Comfy) T-snow white-310 T-f-glitched15 T-f-comfy snow white6 Update-20-m-currency2,500 4h
Tiana (Comfy) T-tiana-310 T-f-glitched15 T-f-comfy tiana9 Update-27-m-currency14,000 4h
Winnie the Pooh (Honey Day) FREE (Legendary Chest) Instant



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