Character Dialogue
C-elastigirl-ti Dash... Violet... Your report cards came in the mail today, and...
C-dash-ti It's not MY fault! Mr. Kropp has it out for me! And who needs--
C-violet-ti I can explain. I was practicing my invisibility, like you said, and I forgot about the test, and--
C-elastigirl-ti Enough! Look, I'm not mad... but being a Super doesn't mean you can let things slide in class. Tonight, you two start studying!

Cram Session

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 4
Send Elastigirl home to supervise the kids. *
"Supervise the Kids"
4h Update-2-m-currency25
Level 3
Send Dash and Violet to study at home. *
"Study at Home"
Level 2

* Requires The Incredibles House

Character Dialogue
C-dash-ti ... And a half plus a third is... five-sixths. Ugh... FINALLY! That worksheet took forever!
C-violet-ti I'm done, too... Thanks for helping out, Mom. But will we REALLY use this stuff if we're just gonna be Supers?
C-elastigirl-ti Absolutely! Remind me to tell you about the time your dad and I did battle with The Fractionator...
C-elastigirl-ti It took seven-eighths of an hour just to disarm his Long Division Laser Ray!


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