Character Dialogue
C-mamá imelda-coco So! Now that the hunt for posters is well under way, our show is sure to have an audience...
C-mamá imelda-coco And THAT means... I have "business" to take care of. Specifically, a boot with Ernesto de la Cruz's name on it!
C-mamá imelda-coco Well, really, it has the RIVERA name on it, because I engraved it on there myself. But I WILL smack Ernesto with it anyway!

Cross de la Cruz

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-mamá imelda-coco
Level 2
Send Imelda to hunt for Ernesto.
"Hunt for Ernesto"
4h M-xp5, Update-34-m-currency50
Character Dialogue
C-mamá imelda-coco DE LA CRUZ! Come out, you lying, treacherous son of a coyote! Or are you too chicken-hearted to face me without a--
C-héctor rivera-coco YIPE! Watch where you swing that shoe, querida -- it's me!
C-mamá imelda-coco Héctor! What are you--? Ah... I'm sorry, mi amor. It's just, where Ernesto is concerned... I get so carried away!
C-héctor rivera-coco Imelda... I heard what you're doing, and it's great that you want to protect me. But I think I may have an idea of my own...
C-mamá imelda-coco Oh? Well, there must be a first time for everything... What is it?


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