Character Dialogue
C-captain barbossa Jack, me lad... perhaps we should let bygones be bygones. What do you say to helping me settle a gentlemanly wager?
C-jack sparrow Apart from neither of us being the least bit helpful OR gentlemanly... you have my attention. What are the terms?
C-captain barbossa First one to cleave the other to the brisket wins.
C-jack sparrow Ah. I was hoping for a rousing game of blind man's bluff... no accounting for taste, I suppose.

Crossed Swords

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-captain barbossa
Level 7
Send Barbossa and Jack to duel.
4h Xp30, M-magic250
C-jack sparrow
Level 1
Character Dialogue
C-captain barbossa Hm. A draw. Say one thing for ye, Jack... you're less of a scrawny, bandy-legged bilge-rat than ye seem.
C-jack sparrow And you're less of a backstabbing, mutineering, traitorous... ah... stupid... stupid beard man.
C-captain barbossa See? Who says the two of us can't be gentlemanly!
C-captain barbossa I still might stab ye later, though. No hard feelings.


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