Character Dialogue
C-kanga-wtp I was very clear with Roo earlier... That once he was done playing, he should meet me right here. But I don't see him anywhere...
C-kanga-wtp He mustn't stay out too late, you know... You'll never grow up to be big and strong if you stay out too late!
C-kanga-wtp Maybe I should wait for him just a little while longer...


Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Kanga to wait for Roo.
"Wait for Roo"
12h Xp5, Update-18-m-currency50
Character Dialogue
C-kanga-wtp He's still not here... Oh, I hope he hasn't gotten distracted by something again...
C-kanga-wtp At least I could finish this scarf for him in the meantime.
C-kanga-wtp If he IS going to stay out late, I can at least make sure he won't catch cold after he comes back!
C-kanga-wtp You won't grow up to be big and strong if you make a habit of catching colds, either.


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