Character Dialogue
C-squirt-fn I looked ALL around that tide pool, dude, and there's no easy way back to the sea that I can see...
C-squirt-fn ... Well, except for this one TOTALLY gnarly rocky part. But we'd need WAY more dudes to push those rocks out of the way!
C-nemo-fn Hmm... That's a good idea, Squirt! But where could we find more fish to help us?
C-squirt-fn Or turtles, dude!
C-nemo-fn Haha! Yeah -- or turtles!

Current Events

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-kingdom-fn Build Crush's Coaster. 8h Xp5, Update-32-m-currency50

* Requires Nemo Level 4

Character Dialogue
C-nemo-fn Yeah! We looked AROUND the EAC, but we didn't look INSIDE it yet! I bet there's tons of friendly turtles migrating in there!
C-squirt-fn Or fish, dude!
C-nemo-fn Yeah -- or fish! All we gotta do is ask them!
C-squirt-fn Don't worry, little dude! Me and my dad are ON it!


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