Character Dialogue
C-poe-starwars Those Gian-211s are hardy little things, but they're in pretty rough shape... They'll need tune-ups before they see combat.
C-finn-starwars Okay... Well, you DID just steal a whole lot of speeder parts... Could we use any of them as part of a repair job?
C-poe-starwars "LIBERATED a whole lot of speeder parts," you mean... but yeah. Yeah! That might actually work!
C-poe-starwars You really think you can integrate that First Order tech with a bunch of Resistance vehicle systems, though?
C-finn-starwars Well, I'm no Rose, but... I had to pull repair duty on Starkiller Base once or twice. With you spotting me, I should be fine!

Custom Detailing

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-kingdom-starwars Build Resistance Speeders.[1] 2h Xp5, Update-36-m-currency50
  1. Requires Poe Level 4
Character Dialogue
C-poe-starwars Whew! Well... at least these'll go fast...
C-finn-starwars And shoot. Probably.
C-poe-starwars Probably!
C-finn-starwars You know what? At this point, I'll take "probably."
C-poe-starwars Same! It's no Black Squadron, but it'll get the job done.


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