Character Dialogue
C-nani Lilo! Guess what time it is?
C-lilo No way! Is it half-price chocolate lava cake day at the 'Ohana Restaurant again? I LOVE that day!
C-nani Noooo... It's HUG-O'CLOCK
C-lilo ACK! My only weakness!!! (Heehee...!)


Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 6
Send Nani and Lilo to hug it out.
"Hug It Out"
8h Xp5, M-magic50
Level 6
Character Dialogue
C-lilo Awww... You're a real good hugger, Nani; do you know that?
C-nani You're not so bad yourself! Comes from having a lot of practice, I guess.
C-lilo ... I kinda want half-price chocolate lava cake, now, though.
C-nani Yeah. If you weren't gonna say it, I was.
C-nani Healthy eating's important... but so is chocolate. Sometimes, anyway!


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