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Daisy Duck is a cartoon character created in 1940 by Walt Disney Productions as the girlfriend of Donald Duck. Like Donald, Daisy is an anthropomorphic white duck, but has large eyelashes and ruffled tail feathers to suggest a skirt. She is often seen wearing a hair bow, blouse, and shoes. Daisy usually shows a strong affinity towards Donald, although she is often characterized as being more sophisticated than him.

Daisy is the aunt of April, May, and June, three young girl ducks who act as Huey, Dewey, and Louie's female counterparts. Daisy is a close friend of Clarabelle Cow and Clara Cluck, and Minnie Mouse's best friend.


Level Requires Time Rewards
Welcome Template:Token Red Balloons10 Template:Token Daisy 26 Template:Token Daisy 33 Magic12,500 4h No
Level 2 Template:Token Red Balloons4 Template:Token Daisy 21 Magic950 6s Gems1, Experience10
Level 3 Template:Token Red Balloons5 Template:Token Daisy 22 Template:Token Daisy 32 Magic1,450 6m
Level 4 60m
Level 5 2h
Level 6 4h
Level 7 8h
Level 8 16h
Level 9 20h
Level 10 24h

Task Time Rewards Tokens Requires
Look for Inspiration 60m Experience7, Magic40 Template:Token Tinker Bell 2
Flip Some Flapjacks 2h Experience10, Magic75 Daisy's Diner
Relaxing Ride 6h Experience16, Magic155 Template:Token Mike 2 Template:Token Mike 3 Mickey's Fun Wheel
Musical Break 8h Experience20, Magic200
Visit Mickey's House 12h Experience29, Magic275 Mickey's House
Spread Flowers Template:Token Pete 2


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