Character Dialogue
C-dale Chip's been talkin' about an island he knows about that's s'posed to be chock FULL of nuts...
C-dale It's too far to swim -- so he's been cookin' up plans to get over there for days!
C-dale But I was thinkin': Why do we need a big ol' complicated plan when we know someone who has a boat?!

Dale on Deck

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 5
Send Dale to "borrow" Donald's boat. *
""Borrow" Donald's Boat"
8h M-xp25, M-magic150

* Requires Donald's Boat

Character Dialogue
C-dale Well, I didn't get to the island after all...
C-dale But I DID find out that I don't know how to drive a boat! And that I'm too short to reach the steering wheel anyway.
C-dale Maybe comin' up with a good plan isn't such a bad idea after all...


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