Character Dialogue
C-the manticore-onward Sir Iandore, held hostage?! That IS serious! I will take to the skies and follow his trail, posthaste!
C-barley-onward Yeah! And I'll ride upon your mighty back and shout words of encouragement and camaraderie, as we--
C-laurel-onward Not so fast, Mister. You can keep on adventuring AFTER you apologize to Colt for how you handled the garage attack. Got it?
C-barley-onward *sigh...* Fine...

Daring and Diplomacy

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 6
Send Barley & Colt to talk it out.
"Talk It Out"
6h Xp5, Update-39-m-currency50
Level 6
C-the manticore-onward
Level 2
Send the Manticore to scout for Ian.
"Scout for Ian"
Character Dialogue
C-colt-onward ... So do you understand what you did wrong, now?
C-barley-onward *sigh...* I GUESS. But I still don't think just waiting around for some kinda signal is something a real adventurer would do...
C-colt-onward Well, I disagree. I may not spend my workday searchin' for mystic runes and whatnot, but I DO put myself in harm's way.
C-colt-onward And let me tell ya... when a situation gets dicey, that's exactly when you and your partner have to be in sync with each other!
C-barley-onward "Don't Split the Party"... Holy Tooth of Zadar... I broke the #1 rule and didn't even realize it! Colt... I am DEEPLY sorry.
C-colt-onward Uh... Well, I'm still not all the way clear on your thought process, there, kiddo, but... sure. Apology accepted.
C-barley-onward Man... who knew our respective codes of honor were so similar? We'll make an adventurer out of you yet!


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