Character Dialogue
C-héctor rivera I'm a pretty happy skeleton these days -- ask anybody! But still... do you know what I've been kicking myself about lately?
C-héctor rivera (Not as in LITERALLY kicking myself, by the way. I try not to detach my feet unless I have to.)
C-héctor rivera No: It's that I spent 96 whole years in the Land of the Dead without writing ONE new song! And I had so much material, too!
C-héctor rivera Well, today? That's about to change! Ah... assuming I can actually remember how to do it. (I hope it's like riding a bicicleta...)


Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-héctor rivera
Level 2
Send Héctor to write a new song.
"Write a New Song"
4h M-xp5, Update-34-m-currency50
Character Dialogue
C-héctor rivera I think I may have actually got something... Yeah! It's an autobiographical story song... and I'll call it "The Ballad of Coco"!
C-héctor rivera Or, wait... that could be too specific. What about something like... I don't know, "¡Viva!"
C-héctor rivera Aagh... If only "Remember Me" wasn't already taken! That really gets at the themes I'd be singing about...
C-héctor rivera Well, the concept holds up, anyway -- so I can figure out the title later. It'll be great either way!


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