Character Dialogue
C-mike wazowski-main I can't believe it; Randall's back! Well, I might not be able to scare him, but I know what will!

Deal with Randall

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-mike wazowski-main
Level 3
Get Mike to send Randall packing again.
"Send Randall Packing"
2h Xp15, M-magic100
C-randall boggs-main
Character Dialogue
C-randall boggs-main Wazowski, what was that?! I know scary and that was beyond scary.
C-mike wazowski-main You're welcome! And there's more where that came from.
C-mike wazowski-main That should keep Randall out of our hair for a while. Not that I have hair, but you know what I mean.


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