Character Dialogue
C-ernesto de la cruz-coco Señoritas y señores -- my name is Ernesto de la Cruz, and this is a tribute to ME! The Greatest Musician of All--
C-ernesto de la cruz-coco Wait... Why isn't anybody looking at me? Why are they all cheering for... for...
C-héctor rivera-coco Aha! It looks like our Tribute to the Rivera Family is finally ready to welcome its special surprise guest star!
C-héctor rivera-coco What do you say, Ernesto? Surely, a musician of YOUR caliber isn't afraid of a friendly little battle of the bands, eh?
C-ernesto de la cruz-coco ... Oh no.

Drop Dead Spectacular

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-héctor rivera-coco
Level 1
Send Héctor to play the show!
"Play the Show!"
8h M-xp5, Update-34-m-currency50
C-mamá imelda-coco
Level 4
Send Imelda to play the show!
"Play the Show!"
C-ernesto de la cruz-coco
Level 6
Send Ernesto to attempt to win back the audience.
"Try to Win Back the Crowd"
Character Dialogue
C-mamá imelda-coco Ha! Booed off the stage by an angry audience, with his tail between his legs... and exactly as he deserved, too!
C-héctor rivera-coco Heh... I knew that would work! Ernesto talks tough -- but come at him head-on, and he's just a scared little kitty-cat!
C-héctor rivera-coco Besides, when faced with the music of our whole family, dead AND living... well, what song-thief could compete with that?
C-mamá imelda-coco Nobody, that's who! We are Riveras, after all -- and nothing will ever keep us apart, onstage or off!
C-héctor rivera-coco That's right, mi amor! We're a family... and we'll always remember it!


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