Character Dialogue
C-doc-moana All right, men! Before we get to our booties... uh, duties... let's have a roll call!
C-happy Happy here -- and happy TO be here!
C-grumpy Pfah! Well, I ain't!
C-sneezy Well, of course YOU ain't Happy; you're... you're... AaaaAAAAAACHOOO!!! *sniff* ... You're Grumpy!
C-bashful Gosh... Now I'm confused.
C-doc-moana Uh... Well, I... uh... I think that's enough roll call for one day. Let's wake up Sleepy and get to clerk... uh, work!

Early Morn 'til Night

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Doc and Sneezy to inspect gems in the Mine. *
"Inspect Gems in the Mine"
12h M-xp10, Update-29-m-currency75
Level 1
Level 1
Send Bashful and Sleepy to drive the Mine cart. *
"Drive the Mine Cart"
Level 1
Level 1
Send Grumpy and Dopey to dig up rubies in the Mine. *
"Dig up Rubies in the Mine"
Level 1
Level 1
Send Happy to dig up diamonds in the Mine. *
"Dig up Diamonds in the Mine"

* Requires Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Character Dialogue
C-doc-moana Hi ho, men! The clock's struck five, and it's time to head home! Anythin' to retort... uh, report, before we do?
C-happy Haha! Well, sure... if ya count how Dopey locked himself in the vault again!
C-dopey !
C-sleepy Aww... don't blame him none... I was nappin' by the door, and... and... *yawn* ... he tripped over me.
C-doc-moana *sigh* ... Well, that all sounds just about the usual for a work day of ours, now, don't it?
C-doc-moana With all the distractin' we get up to, it's a wonder we get any done-ing dig! I mean... diggin' done!


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