Character Dialogue
C-sina-fn Now that I think about it, it HAS been about a year since our last New Year's celebration... though it's a little hard to tell.
C-sina-fn The constellations in this place are... strange. (I'm almost sure that one of the stars has been flying around the sky!)
C-sina-fn Well, even if those nine stars haven't quite risen yet... why don't we have a little unofficial celebration of our own?
C-sina-fn On some islands, the New Year's season lasts for four whole months -- so there's a good chance now is the right time anyway!

Early Start

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Sina to prepare at Homecoming. *
"Prepare at Homecoming"
6h Xp10, Update-32-m-currency75

* Requires A Homecoming Celebration

Character Dialogue
C-chief tui-fn ... Well, I think it's a wonderful idea, Sina! Our people have been voyaging for a long time to get here, after all...
C-chief tui-fn Now that we're settled again for the moment, we should take this opportunity to reflect on where we came from.
C-sina-fn Yes! And everything we'll need is right here in the meeting house... and before you ask, that DOES include your old javelin set.
C-chief tui-fn Ha! Well, I wasn't going to -- but now that you have, I just MIGHT be tempted to compete again!
C-sina-fn Haha! My husband, the marksman... Just try not to throw your back out this time, okay?


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