Character Dialogue
C-jasmine-wir Another Curse, huh... And it sounds serious. Thank you for thinking of me!
C-cinderella-wir Oh, don't mention it! I've always admired your independence -- and your creative way of solving problems!
C-jasmine-wir Haha... Well, when three of your best friends are a tiger, a monkey, and a being of pure magic, you learn to think on your feet!
C-jasmine-wir Give me a little while to turn this over in my head... I'll let you know if I have any good ideas.

Easy as One, Two, Three

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Jasmine to "Task.Think.It.Over." *
8h Xp5, Update-25-m-currency50, T-vanellope-21

* Requires Jasmine (Comfy) & Princess Dressing Room

Character Dialogue
C-jasmine-wir Hm... I just had a thought. Cinderella -- what exactly did Vanellope call this Curse when the two of you were talking about it?
C-cinderella-wir Why... lots of things! I mentioned them all in my message to you, I think: "virus," "malware," "Trojan Horse"...
C-jasmine-wir Right: a Trojan Horse! I remember Father telling me a story about that once... about how one horse carried an army in disguise!
C-cinderella-wir Goodness! I never would have guessed that... And you believe this new Curse might work the same way?
C-jasmine-wir I'm not sure... but it's worth looking into. We'll need to do more research!


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