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|cost = {{Gems}}?
|cost = {{Gems}}?
|time = Instant
|time = Instant
|produces = {{XP}}23, {{Magic}}115
|produces = {{XP}}23, {{Pooh Badges}}? <small>(during event)</small><br />{{XP}}23, {{Magic}}115 <small>(after event)</small>
|collection = 4h
|collection = 4h
|size = ?x?
|size = ?x?

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Eeyore's House is a premium limited-time attraction released with the Winnie the Pooh Event Update on 7th March 2018.


Eeyore's House is a small, flimsy domicile made entirely of sticks designed to resemble a tepee, just big enough to fit its gloomy owner. Being extremely flimsy, and given the nature of many residents of the Hundred Acre Wood to be prone to accidents, the house is constantly being destroyed for Eeyore or his friends to rebuild it, often in a completely different location from where it had stood before.



Lvl Activity + Time Rewards Tokens
Level 1
Eat Some Thistle
* Eeyore's House
2h Xp10, M-magic75 T-rabbit-3 T-roo-2


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