Character Dialogue
Template:Character Mulan (Mulan) THERE you are, Shang! I'm honored that you would invite me all this way just to go to a New Year's festival with--!
Template:Character Li Shang (Mulan) ... Mulan! I... ah... Glad to see you adopting the role of military consultant so... ah... consultatively! I mean, functionally! I mean--
Template:Character Mulan (Mulan) Wait... military consultant?
Template:Character Li Shang (Mulan) ... LOTS of requisition reports to go over, to say NOTHING of... ah... firework permits, and... Um. We should discuss it! Officially!

Failure to Communicate

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Template:Character Li Shang (Mulan)
Level 4
Send Shang and Mulan to discuss the demonstration.
"Discuss the Demonstration"
2h Xp5, Template:Dragon Coins50
Template:Character Mulan (Mulan)
Level 1

* Requires ?

Character Dialogue
Template:Character Li Shang (Mulan) ... So, as you can see, we're dealing with a TWO percent reduction in the tofu budget, year-over-year, which... ah...
Template:Character Mulan (Mulan) You know... very problematic from a supply chain perspective. Um. Nothing we can't handle, though!
Template:Character Mulan (Mulan) Um... Thank you, Shang; that was very... official. But... wasn't there something you wanted to ask me?
Template:Character Li Shang (Mulan) Oh! Ah... are you talking about our halberd shortage? Because that's in an entirely DIFFERENT report...
Template:Character Mulan (Mulan) That... isn't exactly what I was talking about, no.


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