Character Dialogue
C-mulan-mulan THERE you are, Shang! I'm honored that you would invite me all this way just to go to a New Year's festival with--!
C-li shang-mulan ... Mulan! I... ah... Glad to see you adopting the role of military consultant so... ah... consultatively! I mean, functionally! I mean--
C-mulan-mulan Wait... military consultant?
C-li shang-mulan ... LOTS of requisition reports to go over, to say NOTHING of... ah... firework permits, and... Um. We should discuss it! Officially!

Failure to Communicate

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-li shang-mulan
Level 4
Send Shang and Mulan to discuss the demonstration.
"Discuss the Demonstration"
2h M-xp5, Template:Dragon Coins50
Level 1
Character Dialogue
C-li shang-mulan ... So, as you can see, we're dealing with a TWO percent reduction in the tofu budget, year-over-year, which... ah...
C-mulan-mulan You know... very problematic from a supply chain perspective. Um. Nothing we can't handle, though!
C-mulan-mulan Um... Thank you, Shang; that was very... official. But... wasn't there something you wanted to ask me?
C-li shang-mulan Oh! Ah... are you talking about our halberd shortage? Because that's in an entirely DIFFERENT report...
C-mulan-mulan That... isn't exactly what I was talking about, no.


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