Character Dialogue
C-mamá coco Oh, Papá... it is so good that we can spend time together again! To really get to know each other...
C-mamá coco When I was alive, I only had my memories -- and your letters. They were such a comfort to me... but I only had so many of them!
C-héctor rivera Heh... Well, I wish I could've written more, mija! Dying at 21 will do that, unfortunately...
C-héctor rivera But hey: I've got plenty of great stories about my time in the Land of the Dead! I could tell you one of those, if you want...?

Family Bonding

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-mamá coco
Level 5
Send Coco and Héctor to get to know one another.
"Get to Know One Another"
8h Xp10, M-magic75
C-héctor rivera
Level 1
Character Dialogue
C-héctor rivera ... And THAT is what I needed his femur for!
C-mamá coco Ha ha ha! This Chicharrón fellow seems like he was a good friend to you, Papá!
C-mamá coco I am glad that you had people to take care of you while we were apart... and glad that I can do the same now, too!
C-héctor rivera Aww, mija... If I had cheeks, they'd be blushing right now!
C-mamá coco Ha ha! Well, what else is family for?


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