Character Dialogue
C-nani-las I'm happy we're making progress with the robot, Mr. Bubbles... but I think I should get back to looking for Lilo.
C-nani-las It's not just that I'm worried about her -- even though I am. It's that I'm sure she's trying to help Stitch, too!
C-cobra bubbles-las Hm... You make a good point, Nani.
C-cobra bubbles-las I'm occupied on my end, unfortunately -- but I trust you to weep the area and make sure your sister is safe.

Family First

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 4
Send Nani to search for Lilo.
"Search for Lilo"
4h Xp5, Update-19-m-currency50
Character Dialogue
C-nani-las Mr. Bub... *huff* ... ... Bubbles, I... *puff* ... Didn't. ... Didn't see her.
C-cobra bubbles-las ... Was it, by any chance, because you were running at top speed in an admirable -- if misguided -- effort to cover more ground?
C-nani-las I... *huff* ... I hope not?
C-nani-las I WAS running... but I kept an eye out the whole time. I care too much about Lilo to slack off!


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