Character Dialogue
C-hamm-main Gimme a break! I leave Woody alone for FIVE minutes, and he turns my perfectly good story into just another cowboy flick?
C-hamm-main Well, it's not gonna work. "For I am Baron von Bratwurst, and I will rule this kingdom if it's the LAST THING I D--!"
C-buzz lightyear-main "Reach for the sky, you yellow-bellied jackalope! I'm bringing you in, or my name isn't BUZZ LIGHTYEAR, SPACE MARSHAL!"
C-hamm-main Aw, come on! Buzz, not you too!

Fearing the Wurst

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-buzz lightyear-main
Level 6
Send Buzz and "Baron von Bratwurst" to face off.
"A Playful Duel"
2h Xp25, M-magic200
Level ?
Character Dialogue
C-buzz lightyear-main "Surrender now, von Bratwurst! Sheriff Woody's got a jail cell with YOUR NAME ON--"
C-hamm-main "Alas, you've bested me. I surrender." ... (Say, all that space ranger stuff made you a pretty good marshal, Buzz.)
C-buzz lightyear-main Really? Thanks, Hamm. And... uh... you're not mad about Woody turning your fantasy story into a Western?
C-hamm-main Maybe a little; at first. But after seeing you in action like that... Well, I know a good story when I see it!
C-buzz lightyear-main I'm just glad we didn't do another space opera. The folks around here burned out on sci-fi EONS ago!


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