The Feathered Hat and Sword Token is used to Level Up Will Turner.

How to obtain

Character Activity + Time Rewards
Level 3
Hang Out at Goofy's Playhouse
* Goofy's Playhouse
M-c-mickey mouse
Lvl 5
4h Xp17, M-magic150
C-buzz lightyear
Level 3
Go to Al's Toy Barn
* Al's Toy Barn
8h Xp20, M-magic200
Other Source Time Rewards
C-enchanted chest-bronze-c Bronze Chest Instant
C-enchanted chest-resource-c Resource Chest Instant
C-parade Pirates of the Caribbean Float 2h M-gem5, M-magic2,500
C-kingdom The Kraken: Tossing Barrels 4h Xp12, M-magic92
C-kingdom Tortuga Tavern: Preparing the Grog
* Enchantment Level 1
8h Xp16, M-magic129


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