Character Dialogue
C-cobra bubbles-las Ms. Pelekai is a trustworthy source... but this sort of thing has to be done by the book.
C-cobra bubbles-las There are rules to follow. Procedures to adhere to. And they've only gotten more complex since Roswell...
C-cobra bubbles-las ... But the first one hasn't changed at all. "Objective Alpha: Confirm Sighting Immediately."

Field Ops

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-cobra bubbles-las
Level 1
Send Bubbles to confirm the robot sighting.
"Confirm the Sighting"
10h Xp5, Update-19-m-currency50
Character Dialogue
C-cobra bubbles-las Hm. Sighting confirmed.
C-cobra bubbles-las ... Sighting very, VERY confirmed.
C-cobra bubbles-las It looks as if I'll have to skip all the way down to Objective Upsilon Zeta Prime...
C-cobra bubbles-las ... Which is classified. Which means that this discussion is over.


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