Character Dialogue
C-vanellope-wir Hoo, boy... I thought this game was supposed to be popular when I came in, but popular with VIRUSES? Now THAT'S a fun surprise...
C-vanellope-wir Good thing I have myself set to "unplayable." There's no WAY I could outrun those bugs if I had users telling me what to do!
C-vanellope-wir ... Also, just saying: I have NO idea what game this is. I just jumped in without looking at the title! I'm whimsical like that.
C-vanellope-wir Guess I better figure out what kinda operation they've got running around here...

Find Your Dream!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-kingdom-wir Build "PrincessDressingRoom.dls." 4h M-xp5, Update-25-m-currency50
Character Dialogue
C-vanellope-wir Waaaait a second... Talking animals? Cartoon characters? GENERAL SPARKLY-NESS?!
C-vanellope-wir Aw, MUFFINS! I must've got turned around -- this game's just part of that big fancy fan-site thingy I was at before!
C-vanellope-wir Ooh! But if it is... I wonder how those princesses ladies I met are doing!
C-vanellope-wir And... uh... whether they know that a huge, nasty computer virus is probably gonna eat their stage any minute now.
C-vanellope-wir Maybe it got to that red-headed one already... That accent CAN'T be normal.


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