Character Dialogue
C-fred Wasabi! My man! How's my favorite superteammate-slash-plantsitter? Anything happen in my folks' garden while I was gone?
C-wasabi Hey, Fred! Glad you asked, actually: I've got a list. First off, I think someone's been overwatering the bonsai, because--
C-fred Hold up... overwatering? Never fear, gentle Wasabi: I, Fred Frederickson IV, will right this wrong! AWAYYYY!
C-wasabi Oookaaay... Should I follow him? I kinda feel I should follow him.

For Justice!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 3
Send Fred to the Manor to right a wrong.*
"Right Wrongs at the Manor"
4h Xp5, M-magic50

* Requires Frederickson Grounds

Character Dialogue
C-fred BOO-yah! After a long and INCREDIBLY courageous struggle, I am proud to announce that the Frederickson family bonsai are DRY!
C-wasabi ... Fred? Please tell me you did not just breathe flame all over your parents' priceless miniature trident-maple tree.
C-fred ... I am ALSO proud to announce that the Frederickson family bonsai are NO LONGER ON FIRE!
C-fred On a related note, I'm gonna go apologize to Heathcliff! Horticulture is NOT among my superpowers...


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