Character Dialogue
C-hei hei-moana Buk.
C-moana-moana What are you doing out here, Hei Hei?! The Kakamora already tried to kidnap you... It's not safe for chickens with them around!
C-moana-moana And it's ESPECIALLY not safe for chickens who... uh... whose strengths lie as far beneath the surface as yours do.
C-hei hei-moana Buk...
C-moana-moana That's right! Why don't you just get in this nice, warm basket and-- HEY, WHERE ARE YOU GOING? STOP IT...

Free Range

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-hei hei-moana
Level 1
Send Hei Hei to escape?
60m Xp5, Update-29-m-currency50, T-moana-3
Character Dialogue
C-hei hei-moana Buk.
C-moana-moana *huff* ... *puff* ... How... *huff* ... ... HOW ARE YOU SO FAST?!
C-moana-moana I guess I know what ONE of your strengths is, now... Being exactly where you're not supposed to be! ... ALL of the time.
C-moana-moana Well, if you really want to keep wandering around, I won't stop you. Hope the Kakamora aren't in the mood for roast chicken...
C-hei hei-moana Buckawww!


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