Character Dialogue
C-genie-wir Al! Buddy! Couldn't help but notice you're taking a crash course in commercial conflict resolution. (Try saying THAT twice...)
C-aladdin-wir GENIE! Uh -- yeah! B-but don't worry: I'm being wise, and honest, and gener--
C-genie-wir Yeah, yeah -- and astute, and meritorious, and symmetrical... Listen: You're not a bunch of adjectives in a pile -- you're YOU!
C-genie-wir You gotta do this leadership thing YOUR way -- and trust me, one of the things you're BEST at is sticking by your friends!
C-genie-wir Friends who -- need I remind you -- LITERALLY have magical powers they can help you solve problems with. Watch THIS!!!

Free Show with Purchase! (2)

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Genie and Aladdin to draw a crowd.
"Draw a Crowd"
12h M-xp35, Update-25-m-currency200
Level 1
Character Dialogue
C-genie-wir And bada-BING, bada-BOOM, you've got TRIPLE the foot traffic in the marketplace! We should probably spring for traffic cones...
C-aladdin-wir Hm... I guess putting on a show WOULD help boost business -- but I'm not sure it'd stop Delilah and Omar from arguing with--
C-genie-wir You DO realize I can just magic them up another corner booth, right Al? Seriously. Still a genie, here. Hi.
C-aladdin-wir Wow... heh! I guess I should've thought of that in the first place. Thanks!
C-genie-wir Don't mention it! I'd make a crack about "being in your corner," but that's a lousy pun even for me.


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