Character Dialogue
C-davy jones My youth in Scotland doesn't bear talking about... but it's enough to say that I did NOT take pianoforte lessons.
C-davy jones But there was a pipe organ aboard the Dutchman, and after decades upon decades at sea... Well.
C-davy jones Between all the lootin' and pillagin' and plunderin', teachin' yourself an instrument certainly helps pass the time.

Fugue State

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-davy jones
Level 3
Send Davy Jones to his Cabin for some music. *
"Play Music in His Cabin"
4h M-xp30, M-magic250

* Requires Davy Jones's Organ

Character Dialogue
C-davy jones Ahh... there's nothin' like an old-fashioned Danse Macabre to rouse the spirit.
C-davy jones I'll have to clear the barnacles out of that leftmost pipe, though. Getting a bit flat for my tastes.
C-davy jones Calliope upkeep's troublesome enough when the blasted thing ISN'T made of sea creatures...


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