Character Dialogue
C-tigger The most wonderful thing about Tiggers MAY be that I'm the only one... but there's a LOT more than one kind of bouncin'!
C-tigger There's the happy kind of bouncin', the pouncin' kind of bouncin', the Backson-wrasslin' kind of bouncin'...
C-tigger There's even a bounce for knockin' blokes into rivers! Though... uh... sometimes that bounce sorta happens by accident.
C-tigger I won't show ya that one --but I CAN show ya all the others! Here I gooooo!!!

Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Tigger to show off his full range of bounces.
"Show Off Bounces"
60m Xp5, Update-18-m-currency50
Character Dialogue
C-tigger Didja see that? Didja SEE that?!
C-tigger I dunno if I realized it when it was happenin', but I think that last one was an ALL-NEW KINDA BOUNCE!!!
C-tigger I just gotta figger out a fancy new name for it... Hmmmm… let's see. "Triple-Decker Somersault Surprise"?!
C-tigger Naaaaah. There were at LEAST four deckers in there...
C-tigger Too bad Owl isn't here. That guy knows All the best name for things...


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