Character Dialogue
C-ralph-wir ... And, uh... your message had a lot of little faces and red "100s" in it? So I figured I'd just come and ask you what you meant.
C-yesss-wir ... Yeah, good call. The important thing is, scanning all those viruses made me realize what they're attracted to! NEW CONTENT!
C-yesss-wir Thik about it. They attacked this game right after it got a fresh content update, right? So, if we want to draw them out...
C-ralph-wir "If we want to draw them out" what? And... uh... why are you looking at me like that...?


Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 3
Send "Yesss.bzz" to CREATE NEW CONTENT!
8h Xp5, Update-25-m-currency50
Level 5
Character Dialogue
C-yesss-wir Aaaand that one's a keeper! Take five, you viral sensation, you!
C-ralph-wir Blegh... I think I've still got lemon meringue in my hair. How is this supposed to help us beat those viruses, again?
C-yesss-wir Simple. Content THIS hilarious is gonna be like catnip to those attention-hungry bugs!
C-yesss-wir All we've gotta do is upload this clip to Buzzztube, and they'll all cluster around it... so WE can take them out all at once!
C-yesss-wir Also, no lie: This is going to drive site traffic like nobody's business. People like pie!


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