Gems (Gems) are used to purchase premium attractions, welcome premium characters, and speed up different activities in the Kingdom!

Earn Gems by collecting Kingdom and character level-up rewards, collecting Calendar Rewards, watching videos, finding them in Bronze Chests, and more!

You can also purchase Gems from the Currency Shop. Access the shop by tapping the (+) icon next to the Gems meter at the top of the screen.

Limited Time Sales

Players are often presented with Gems promotions, which can save them up to 50% on Gem Packs. These sales generally only last a day or two.

Promotion Date
Black Friday Sale 25h - 28th November
Holiday Sale 24th - 27th December

Promotion Date
Summer Sale 28th June - ? July
Holiday Sale 24th - 26th December

Promotion Date
Spring Sale 31st March - 3rd April

Promotion Date
Australia Day Sale 25th - 28th January
Lunar New Year Sale 27th - 30th January
Be Our Guest Event Sale 24th - 27th March
Earth Day Sale 21st - 24th April
Circle of Life Event Sale 28th - 31st July
A Whole New World Event Sale 8th - 11th September
Black Friday Sale 23rd - 26th November
Holiday Sale 24th - 26th December

Promotion Date
The Incredibles Event Sale 27th June
Independence Day Sale 4th July
Back to School Sale 2nd - 4th September
This Is Halloween Event Sale 30th October - 1st November
Black Friday Sale 25th - 28th November
Holiday Sale 24th - 26th December


  • Calendar Rewards Players were awarded with various amounts of free Gemss as part of the Calendar Rewards if they logged in on the various dates (typically once a week).
  • When a limited time event ends, the special event currency is converted to gems using the following conversion rates always rounding down but guaranteeing at least Gems1:
    • The Tower Challenge Events: Maleficent Coins4,000=Gems1
    • Regular Events: Incredibles Currency2,000=Gems1


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