Character Dialogue
C-sneezy-sw ...CHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
C-doc-sw Hold on. Let me wipe off my spectacles... Now, uh... you were saying?
C-sneezy-sw *SNIFF* Well, I THOUGHT I saw somebody, but before I could see who, I... uh... I sneezed so loud I scared 'em off.
C-sneezy-sw *sigh...* All right. Now, you go back hand and get a homekerchief -- uh, I mean go home and get a handkerchief.


Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Sneezy to the Cottage to get a handkerchief. *
"Get a Handkerchief"
5h M-xp15, Update-16-m-currency50

* Requires Seven Dwarfs' Cottage

Character Dialogue
C-sneezy-sw I got it, Doc! This is my BEST handkerchief. Now I won't sneeze NEARLY as luh... As luh... As luh-luh-luh...
C-sneezy-sw AAAAAAAAA-- *sngkglk*
C-sneezy-sw Aw, that was just a little one.
C-sneezy-sw Say, where'd Doc go?
C-sneezy-sw Don't tell me I... *SNIFF*... scared him off, too. Aww...


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