Character Dialogue
C-flynn All right, Frog -- you've had your fun, but I wanted to talk to you about your... owner? Is she your owner?
C-flynn ...
C-flynn ... Okay, guess not. Uh... "pal"? "Business associate"? Look, I have NO idea how the two of you define your relationship, but...
C-flynn *sigh* ... FINE. "Best friend."
C-pascal !
C-flynn Yep. I knew it. Of COURSE that's how you-- You know what? That can wait. For now, how about you help me make Blondie's day?

Get Your Chamele-ON!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Flynn and Pascal to talk at the Duckling. *
"Discuss an Idea"
2h Xp25, M-magic150
Level 3

* Requires Snuggly Duckling

Character Dialogue
C-flynn Okay, Frog: Here's the plan. You blend in with those weird drink stains on that table over there... I go and get Rapunzel...
C-flynn ... She sees you, I yell "Surprise," she's overcome with tender feelings, yadda yadda yadda, you fill in the rest. Whaddaya say?
C-pascal ...
C-flynn YES, I'm sure that table is sanitary! Shorty wiped it down with his beard just last week! ... That probably counts, right?
C-pascal ...!


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