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Go the Distance Event 2020

4th June - 1st July 2020
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Go the Distance Event 2020 is the thirty-first major event of Disney Magic Kingdoms. It started on 4th June 2020 and ended on 1st July 2020.

The event starts with the quest Welcome a Hero Trainer. Complete quests to progress in the event. Purchasing Pegasus unlocks his questline, Late Checkup. Purchasing Panic unlocks his questline, Don't Panic...?.

This event is similar to previous events, where NPCs have to be tapped, in this case Pegasus Clouds (Update-41-m-pegasus cloud), in order to complete quests and earn event currency.

Also, the quest Sunnier Days is available as a 'Teaser Tapper', which gives new players a chance to start collecting event currency (Update-41-m-currency) before the event pre-requisites are completed.


This event introduced a new limited time currency, Plates (Update-41-m-currency).

Any Plates a player had remaining was converted to Gems (40 max.) at the end of the event.

Players can earn more than M-gem147 Gems by Leveling Up Hercules Characters and completing quests during the event.

New Content

All of the new content released with the event. Some of the items listed may not be available again once the event is over.

Character Cost How to Unlock Available
Pegasus M-gem200 Whole event
Phil Update-41-m-currency100 Welcome a Hero Trainer Whole event
Meg Update-41-m-currency1,500 Welcome a "Damsel" 5th June
Pain Update-41-m-currency6,000 Welcome a Minion 12th June
Panic M-gem300 12th June
Hercules Update-41-m-currency15,000 Welcome a True Hero 19th June
Hades Update-41-m-currency20,000 Welcome a God 26th June

Attraction Cost How to Unlock Available
Training Grounds Update-41-m-currency200 Get Pumped Up! Whole event
Statue Garden Update-41-m-currency3,500 The Layout 5th June
Zeus' Temple Update-41-m-currency10,000 Statuesque... Literally 12th June

Concession Cost How to Unlock Available
Herculade Stand FREE Concession Chests Whole Event
Zeus' Lightning Bolt Stand FREE Concession Chests Whole Event

Decoration Cost How to Unlock Available
Hercules Gold Trophy FREE Striking Gold Mini Event 9th June

Parade Float Cost Available
Hercules Float M-gem50 5th June

Mini Events

Name Available
M-dark raven Dark Magic 5th - 8th June
Update-41-m-gold trophy Striking Gold 9th - 12th June
Update-16-m-hidden crow All Too Familiar 13th - 16th June
Update-41-m-gold trophy Striking Gold 17th - 20th June
Update-5-m-oogie bug Spooky Spiders 21th - 24th June
Update-41-m-gold trophy Striking Gold 25th - 28th June



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